Long-Range Planning

About Long-Range Planning in Dothan

Long-Range Planning directly involves the community in identifying goals with regard to the quality of life for the foreseeable future. It examines existing quantitative and qualitative aspects of the community such as housing, demographics, education, transportation infrastructure, public utility infrastructure, land use patterns, regulations governing land development, parks, and open spaces, sense of community, and sense of place.

Long Range Development Plan

Recently (March 2011) the city commission adopted Dothan-2030 "A Sense of New Beginnings" as our long-range development plan. As a continuation of the long-range planning effort, the staff is now involved in neighborhood planning.

Super Neighborhood (Sector) Plans

Four large areas inside the Ross Clark Circle each roughly 2,500 acres in size and named Urban Sector Neighborhoods "NE", "NW", "SE", and "SW" have been identified for further detailed study. Each sector or super neighborhood will receive a detailed examination of land uses, demographics, structure conditions, building materials, and sidewalk inventory. These data when analyzed, as well as citizen input and in-depth, in-house planning, will affect the zoning, land use, mobility, public facility plans, recommendations, and governmental and citizen actions within each of the four urban area super neighborhoods.

On Wednesday, November 21, 2012, the planning commission adopted the first of these plans. The NE Urban Sector Neighborhoods Plan was unanimously adopted and forwarded to the city commission for their information. The long-range planning staff is in the final stages of completing the super neighborhood plan for the "NW" Urban Sector Neighborhoods. This comes at the conclusion of three separate community involvement meetings in which the citizens had the opportunity to fashion their plan. The NW Plan is expected to be presented to the planning commission early 2013 and the SW Urban Sector Neighborhoods Plan should be completed before the end of the 2013 calendar year.

The Long Range Planning Division is moving forward with the growth of the city as well as the quality of lives of its citizens in mind. Once the Dothan Urban Area is complete, the long-range goal is to move into the city's suburban environs and finally its ex-urban ones with similar comprehensive plans. Although the suburban and ex-urban boundaries may change as we draw nearer to their study, a map delineating Dothan's Neighborhood Sectors or Super Neighborhoods can be seen on this page.

For more information, please contact Bob Wilkerson at (334) 615-3415.

Long Range Planning Information