10:00 A.M., APRIL 5, 2022


Invocation: Pastor Stephanie Cox – Highland Park United Methodist Church


Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner Pierce


Roll Call: Saliba__Dorsey__Kirkland__Bedwell__Ferguson__Pierce__Crutchfield__


Approval of Previous Minutes:

  • Minutes of March 22, 2022 Meeting

Communications from Mayor and City Commissioners:

  • Proclamation – “Community College Month” – Dr. Linda Young, Wallace Community College President

  • Proclamation – “Child Abuse Prevention Month” – Terri Dubose, Child Advocacy Center Executive Director and Laura Beth Thomas, Community Advocate

  • Proclamation – “National Community Development Week” – Kelly Mierkowski, City of Dothan CDBG Program Administrator 

Communications from City Manager:

  • Employee of the Month – Scott Enfinger, Public Works Department

  • Recognition – Midget League Dothan-Blue All-Star Basketball Team – Kenny Thompson, Dothan Leisure Services Athletic Manager 

Communications from City Clerk:

  • Application for a Special Events Retail License (On Premises) for The Loop Arts and Music Festival, 173 North Foster Street, by Kerry J. Farrell 


Acceptance of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (Audit) for Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2021.


Public Hearing regarding the assessment of weed abatement costs against various properties.

(Reference Item 11.)


Ord. No.__________Rezoning property owned by SHB Investments, LLC, located in the 700 Block of Rowland Road, from R-1 (Residential, Single-Family, Low Density) District to R-4 (Residential, Attached Multi-Family, High Density) District. (Second appearance; immediate consideration is not required.)


Res. No.__________Confirming the costs incurred in the weed abatement of properties determined to be nuisances and turning the amounts over to the county tax collector to be added to the next regular bills for taxes levied against the respective lots and/or parcels of land.


Res. No.__________Entering into an agreement with Gresham Smith for On-Call Traffic Engineering Services for an amount not to exceed $100,000.00, and appropriating funds for said agreement.


Res. No.__________Entering into a cooperative agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) for maintenance of public rights-of-way on various state routes within the City Limits with reimbursement of $50,000.00 per year to the City.


Res. No.__________Entering into an agreement with ALDOT for the installation, operation, and maintenance of traffic control signals on SR-210 (Ross Clark Circle) at SR-52 (Columbia Hwy) Connector and on SR-52 (Columbia Hwy) at Sam Houston Blvd.


Res. No.__________Submitting an application through the RAISE (Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity) Transportation Discretionary Grants Program for the Honeysuckle Road Widening and Roadway Realignment Project.


Res. No.__________Entering into a service agreement with Trane U.S. Inc., for scheduled maintenance on HVAC systems located in certain City facilities for a three year term at an annual cost of $21,934.00 for the first year, $22,702.00 for the second year, and $23,496.00 for the third year.


Res. No.__________Awarding the bid, entering into contract, and issuing a Notice to Proceed and other related documents to Lewis, Inc., for the 2022 Replacement of Direct Buried Secondary Service Project, for the not to exceed price of $250,000.00.


Res. No.__________Acquiring and accepting a temporary construction easement on property owned by Alabama Trust Fund for the State of Alabama needed for the Beaver Creek Sewer Trunk Line Rehabilitation Project.


Res. No.__________Approving the utilization of seizure funds to be used to pay various allowable expenditures for Police Department operations in the amount of $49,554.00.


Res. No.__________Agreeing to donate and transfer ownership of Dothan Police K9 Xander (614) to Brandon Peters.


Res. No.__________Awarding bids and approving other purchases over $15,000.00 by the City, and appropriating funds for said bids and purchases.


Res. No.__________Approving advance travel requests for City employees.

  1. Travel Requests.pdf