10:00 A.M., SEPTEMBER 20, 2022


Invocation: Pastor Chuck Locke – Ridgecrest Baptist Church


Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner Crutchfield


Roll Call: Saliba__Dorsey__Kirkland__Bedwell__Ferguson__Pierce__Crutchfield__


Approval of Previous Minutes:

  • Minutes of September 6, 2022 Meeting

Communications from Mayor and City Commissioners:

  • Proclamation – “National Rehabilitation Week” – Encompass Health CEO Margaret Futch, Business Development Director Will Craig, and Senior Rehabilitation Liaison Adrian Galloway

  • Proclamation – “Constitution Week” – Connie Parrish, Constitution Week Committee Chairperson and Jessica Gautney, Regent, Dothan Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Communications from City Manager:

  • Employee of the Month – Stacey Livingston, Planning & Development

Communications from City Clerk:

  • Application for a Lounge Retail Liquor – Class II (Package) License (Off Premises) for Sandhar Liquor, 1152 Third Avenue, Suite 2, by Navjiwan Kaur (public hearing held on September 6, 2022; vote tabled)

  • Application for a Lounge Retail Liquor – Class I License (On or Off Premises) for D and B Seafood Restaurant and Lounge, 3011 Ross Clark Circle, by Dajia Brunson

  • Application for a Retail Beer and Retail Table Wine License (Off Premises Only) for Super Station 1, 2154 Denton Road, by Prerak Patel

  • Application for a Retail Beer and Retail Table Wine License (Off Premises Only) for Super Station 2, 1814 South Oates Street, by Prerak Patel

  • Application for a Restaurant Retail Liquor License (On Premises) for PS Taco Company, 105 Apple Avenue, Suite 3, by Megan Elmore

Public Hearing regarding the rezoning of property owned by Calvary Baptist Church located at the northeast corner of Montgomery Highway & Montezuma Avenue.

(Reference Item 11.)


Public Hearing regarding the rezoning of property owned by Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging (SARCOA) located at 1075 South Brannon Stand Road.

(Reference Item 12.)


Public Hearing regarding the assessment of weed abatement costs against various properties.

(Reference Item 15.)


Ord. No.__________Rezoning property owned by Calvary Baptist Church, located at the northeast corner of Montgomery Highway & Montezuma Avenue, approximately 14.60 acres, from L-I (Light Industry) and R-1 (Residential Single-Family, Low Density) District to R-3 (Residential Single-Family, High Density) District.


Ord. No.__________Rezoning property owned by SARCOA, located at 1075 South Brannon Stand Road, from A-C (Agriculture-Conservation) to O-I (Office-Institutional) District.


Ord. No.__________Authorizing the operation of medical cannabis dispensaries within the corporate limits of the City of Dothan.


Ord. No.__________Amending Chapter 18, Businesses of the City of Dothan Code of Ordinances to establish business license classifications for the cultivation, processing, and dispensing of cannabis for authorized medical purposes.


Res. No.__________Confirming the costs incurred in the weed abatement of properties determined to be nuisances and turning the amounts over to the county tax collector to be added to the next regular bills for taxes levied against the respective lots and/or parcels of land.


Res. No.__________Entering into a contract with Mathew Krista, MD to provide medical direction services on an as-needed basis to the Dothan Fire Department at an annual amount of $12,000.00 for a three (3) year period.


Res. No.__________Approving a final summary change order with Sports Fields, Inc. for the Infield Turf Installation at James Oates Park, resulting in a cost decrease in the amount of $3,724.00, making the final adjusted contract price $1,743,438.00.


Res. No.__________Awarding the bid, entering into a contract, and issuing a Notice to Proceed to Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center, Inc. for Rip Hewes Stadium grounds maintenance and clean-up in the amount of $38,000.00.


Res. No.__________Entering into an agreement with Barge Design Solutions for the Dothan Stormwater Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis at a not-to-exceed cost of $500,000.00.


Res. No.__________Submitting an application for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan for the 2022 Ross Clark Circle and Red Water Improvements Project for an estimated amount of $12,528,272.00 with an expected $2,528,272.00 in debt forgiveness.


Res. No.__________Approving a final amendment with Polyengineering, Inc. for an as built survey of the City’s water systems to add $11,887.23 to the original contract amount, resulting in a final contract price of $1,056,887.23.


Res. No.__________Modifying the contract with Lewis Construction, LLC for the Westgate Competition Pool Filter Replacement Project to include change orders resulting in a cost increase of $18,523.30, for a total amended contract amount of $200,705.30.


Res. No.__________Renewing the agreement with SARCOA to administer and operate the Nutrition/Transportation Program of Title III of the Older Americans Act.


Res. No.__________Renewing the contract with SARCOA to receive funding from the Houston County Tobacco Tax Fund for senior citizen programs.


Res. No.__________Accepting funding under the Department of Homeland Security Equipment Grant in the amount of $71,047.33 to purchase equipment for the Dothan Police Bomb Team, and appropriating funds for said purchase.


Res. No.__________Approving the utilization of seizure funds to be used to pay various allowable expenditures for Police Department operations in the amount of $19,955.00.


Res. No.__________Amending various accounts in the 2022 Fiscal Year Budget.


Res. No.__________Entering into a Private Development Agreement with Hootie, LLC for the installation and maintenance of a new water line and meters for Wicksburg Commercial located at 216 South State Hwy 123.


Res. No.__________Appointing Derrick Tiller, Collins Trott, Mikhele Trice, Calencia Perry, and Lawrence Johnson as members of the Museum Board.


Res. No.__________Approving payment of invoices for the month of August, 2022 in the amount of $24,295,527.07.


Res. No.__________Awarding bids and approving other purchases over $15,000.00 by the City, and appropriating funds for said purchases.


Res. No.__________Approving advance travel requests for City employees.

  1. Travel Requests.pdf

Acceptance of a utility easement from Sheila Faulk Stephens to tie water into the northeast corner of the proposed Magnolia Trace Subdivision.