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Board of Education Information

 Name District  Current Term
Beginning Date
Expiration Date 
Mike Schmitz Chair 10/02/2017  10/04/2021
Brenda Guilford District 1 10/02/2017 10/04/2021
Franklin Jones District 2 10/02/2017 10/04/2021
Susan Vierkandt District 3 10/02/2017 10/04/2021
Brett Strickland District 4 10/02/2017 10/04/2021
Amy Bonds District 5 10/02/2017 10/04/2021
Chris Maddox District 6 10/02/2017 10/04/2021

Section 45-35A-53, Code of Alabama.

Four-year terms commencing at noon on the same date as the commencement of the terms of the city governing body.

Election of school board members shall be held on the same date as municipal elections.

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