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Dothan-Houston County Intellectual Disabilities Board
Appointing Authority
Original Appointment Date
Current Term Beginning Date
Expiration Date
Lanie Chapman All Commissioners 09/25/1990 04/01/2019 (noon) 04/01/2025 (noon)
Dell S. Goodwin All Commissioners 04/01/2007 04/01/2019 (noon) 04/01/2025 (noon)
Susan Blumberg All Commissioners 09/25/1990 04/22/2015 (noon) 04/21/2021 (noon)
David M. Murphree All Commissioners 09/25/1990 04/01/2017 (noon) 04/01/2023 (noon)
Rose Evans-Gordon All Commissioners 04/22/2015 04/22/2015 (noon) 04/21/2021 (noon)

6-year terms to end at noon on April 1st of each odd numbered calendar year.

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