Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Signal Use

When the pedestrian signal shows a steady white image of a walking person, it is your turn to cross. Watch for turning traffic.

When the red hand is flashing, pedestrians should not begin to cross, but those already crossing may continue. The countdown timer display shows pedestrians how many seconds they have to finish crossing.

The solid (not flashing) red hand means do not start crossing. Pedestrians should not be in the crosswalk. Push the pedestrian button and wait for the next "walk" signal.

Safety Tips

  • Cross only at an intersection.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before you step in front of their vehicle.
  • Always watch for turning vehicles, especially where right turns on red are allowed. Drivers may not see you.
  • Cross quickly and be alert. Minimize your time in the street.
  • Hold small children by the hand when crossing.

Caution: Though pedestrian signals assign your legal rights in the intersection, always use caution when crossing the street. Painted lines do not stop cars.