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Being a good neighbor is the essence of Dothan's Neighborhood Enhancement program. The Neighborhood Enhancement office embodies the spirit of "Love Dothan" as they address citizen concerns and provide assistance where corrective action is needed. Neighborhood Enhancement strives to partner with the citizens of Dothan to help maintain the City's natural beauty and charm.

How do I report a concern?

Weed Abatement Contractor Instructions

1. Before getting started you will need to make sure you have a current City of Dothan business license for the cutting of grass and weeds.

Note: Alabama Ethics laws prohibit the City from doing business with its employees, their family or business with which the employee is associated. So, if you are in this category, you are not eligible to participate in the weed abatement program.

2. To participate as a private contractor in the City of Dothan weed abatement program you will need to register with the City of Dothan Finance Department to be able to get paid. The finance forms to complete are listed below. These forms are simple to complete, and as long as you are active with the weed abatement program, you are only required to complete the forms once. Once these forms are completed, you can e-mail them to , or you can bring them in to the City of Dothan Finance Department. 

Finance Forms

Updated Vendor Form (PDF)
Current E-Verify Letter (PDF)

You also have to register as a vendor with the city. To register as a vendor, go to , click on register located in the top right corner and complete the information. When registering, choose category 988-36 Grounds Maintenance: Mowing, Edging (Not Tree Trimming). There is no cost to register with finance, or as a vendor.

3. Once registered, read and understand the additional information listed on this page (i.e., contractor instructions, contractor scope of work, contractor agreement, the hold harmless agreement, and the contractor general information form). Fill out the Contractor General Information Form, and the Contractor Agreement Form, and e-mail it to , or bring it in to the Neighborhood Enhancement Division office, located on the 3rd floor of the Dothan Civic Center.

4. Once items 1 thru 3 are completed, you will be placed on a list of eligible weed abatement contractors and able to begin work. A list of available jobs will be placed on this site. Select any available job that you are interested in completing and contact Neighborhood Enhancement Officer Alan Souders at (334)615-4465, or (334)615-4230, with the jobs you want. Once the jobs are approved, an e-mail with an order to proceed to cut will be sent to you. DO NOT BEGIN ANY WORK ON ANY PROPERTIES UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE PROCEED TO CUT ORDER.  Make sure you understand the condition of the property and have the necessary equipment to perform the job properly, safely, completely, and in the allotted time frame allowed. No more than four (4) jobs will be allowed to be accepted per contractor per week.  

Note: All properties will be graded and priced according to the condition of the property by representatives employed by the City of Dothan. On properties of less than one (1) acre, contractors shall begin work within three (3) days of accepting the job and shall complete the work within five (5) days. On properties of one (1) acre or more, contractors shall begin the work within three (3) days of accepting the job and complete all work within eight (8) days. One of the objectives of this program is to help clean up the City of Dothan so please do not mow over or scatter trash. Also, do not blow grass clippings and debris into the street. 

If you arrive on a job site and suspect it may have already been cut. DO NOT CUT THE LOT.  Immediately contact the Neighborhood Enhancement Division at (334)615-4230, or (334)615-4465 to determine if the property has already been cut or not. 

Once work is completed, the contractor shall submit an invoice to the City of Dothan Neighborhood Enhancement Division. An inspection of the property will be performed by representatives employed by the City of Dothan. (Note: If a job is not completed to the city standard in the allotted amount of time, on the first time the contractor will be suspended from being allowed to accept jobs for a period of one month, on the second time the contractor will be suspended from being allowed to accept jobs for a period of one year, unless there are verifiable weather events or reasonable verifiable unforeseen events). Once the property work is approved, the invoice will be submitted for payment. Payments of submitted bills should be paid within two (2) weeks of submittal if less than $2500.00. If it is $2500.00 or more it may take up to two (2) weeks longer.

If you ever have a question about any property to be cut, please contact the Neighborhood Enhancement Division at (334)615-4230, or (334)615-4465 and we will be happy to help, and if necessary, will meet you at the property site during regular business hours.

Finance Forms

Updated Vendor Form (PDF)
Current E-Verify Letter (PDF)

Weed Abatement Documents and Forms

Contractor Scope of Work (PDF)
Contractor Agreement (Word Document)
Hold Harmless Provision (PDF)
Contractor General Information Form (Word Document)

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