Ross Clark Circle Road Widening Project

Project Description (Phase 3 Widening)

This is an Alabama Department of Transportation project that will widen Ross Clark Circle to six lanes from Choctaw Street to North Cherokee Avenue.  The project will also widen US-231/Montgomery Hwy from Ross Clark Circle to Girard Avenue.  There will be a short section of construction on Montgomery Hwy north of Ross Clark Circle to Buyers Drive to tie into the existing six-lane roadway headed north.  The project will incorporate ALDOT’s access management plan, traffic signal upgrades, lighting installation, and the addition of access roads.  The access roads will be constructed on both the inside and outside of Ross Clark Circle from Montgomery Highway to Meadowbrook Drive to more safety safely serve the shops and dining venues.  Each service road can be accessed near Montgomery Highway on the northern end and near Meadowbrook Drive on the southern end and will allow traffic to flow in either direction.  

Directional signage is planned to be installed as needed throughout the construction to guide motorists to local businesses and restaurants.  Businesses in the construction area will always have at least one access point during normal business hours.

Motorists should use caution when approaching these areas and delays could occur, especially with summer and holiday traffic.  During this time, motorists may also expect some limited median access in the construction area.

Project Timeline

The roadwork was broken into three phases with the fourth phase including street lighting, sidewalk construction, and some other specialty work. Below is a timeline of the project. 

Phase 1 - Bauman Drive to South of West Main Street Intersection- (May 2018 – October 2020)

Phase 2 - South of West Main Street to Meadowbrook Drive (including West Main Street Intersection) – (January 2020- March 2022)

Phase 3 - Choctaw St. to N. Cherokee Ave. (including Montgomery Highway Intersection) – (July 2022 – Summer 2025)

The project contractor is under contract to complete the project in 550 working days which translates to an estimated construction time of three years.

The contractor is expected to post-project notification signs beginning the week of July 4, 2022.  Various elements of construction will begin shortly thereafter.  Initial work is expected to include the construction of retaining walls and storm drainage.

Phase 4 –The date has not been released for bidding.

Project Details 

Type: Street Improvement

Budget (Phase 3): +/- $42M 

Project Owner: ALDOT 

ALDOT Contact: Brantley Kirk - 334-353-6862 

Contractor: Midsouth Paving, Inc. 

City of Dothan Project Contact: Public Works Department, Tommy Wright | 334-615-4420 or

Ross Clark Circle Phase 3 with signals

Ross Clark Circle Construction Update 9-23-2022

Driveways that are currently closed to traffic should be reopened by close of business on Monday, September 26.  This includes the driveways for Olive Garden and the Law Offices of Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC.

MidSouth Construction will continue construction efforts towards the installation of new storm drainpipe along the east side of Ross Clark Circle between Montgomery Highway and McDonald’s.  Each business impacted will always have driveway access available to customers during normal operating hours.  Businesses that will be impacted beginning Monday, September 23 include:

Richie B’s—Construction will take place on Monday while the restaurant is closed for business.  Both driveways will be open for business on Tuesday but will likely have a temporary base across the new cut in the driveway.

Oishi Sushi and Grill—Construction will begin here on Monday as well, but access will remain open to customers during normal operating hours.  The driveway will be repaired with a temporary base.

McDonald’s—Construction will impact the northern driveway (exit) outside of normal operating hours.  Again, a temporary base will be installed to repair the driveway cut.  The main driveway to McDonald’s and The Shops on the Circle at the traffic signal will not be impacted at this time.

Meadowbrook Drive will likely remain closed for several more weeks.  The Easy Money Cash Center driveway to Ross Clark Circle will remain closed at this time.  Access is available from Montgomery Highway.

All work schedules are dependent on upcoming weather events.  

Please be alert and use caution when traveling in this area.