Museum Board

Museum Board Member Information

NameAppointing AuthorityOriginal Appointment DateCurrent Term Beginning DateExpiration Date
Claudia HillMayor05/08/201905/08/201910/02/2021
Andy GosselinMayor12/20/201610/03/201710/02/2021
Meagan DorseyDistrict 110/03/201710/03/201710/02/2021
Adam O’BrienDistrict 102/08/201710/03/201710/02/2021
Sharla JonesDistrict 210/03/201710/03/201710/02/2021
William NicholsDistrict 210/03/201710/03/201710/02/2021
Collins TrottDistrict 312/03/201410/03/201710/02/2021
VACANTDistrict 3N/AN/A
Mike Owen
District 402/08/2017
Whit HuskeyDistrict 412/20/201610/03/201710/02/2021
Vimal PatelDistrict 510/03/201710/03/201710/02/2021
VACANTDistrict 5N/AN/A
Dan JohnsonDistrict 610/03/201710/03/201710/02/2021
Destiny Hosmer
District 607/08/2020

Created by Ordinance Number 9006, amended by Ordinance Number 92-129, which provided for equal representation for all districts. New members appointed by Resolution Number 92-142. Ordinance Number 2009-315, dated 09/22/09, amended the terms of the members to coincide with the terms of their respective appointing Commissioners.

Ordinance Number 2014-238, dated 09/16/14, increased the number of appointed members to consist of 2 members from each six districts, 2 members appointed at large by the Mayor, and 8 to 12 members appointed at large by the Museum Board. All City appointments are subject to the approval of the Board of Commissioners. City appointed members’ terms shall coincide with the terms of their respective appointing Commissioners and Mayor. No member of the Museum Board shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms. All members shall be over the age of 21.

Ordinance Number 2017-30, dated 02/07/17, decreased the number of members appointed at large by the Museum Board to 5 to 7.