Substance Abuse Board

Substance Abuse Board Member Information

Appointing Authority
Original Appointment Date
Current Term Beginning Date
Expiration Date
Loretta ShapiroMayor08/03/201012/20/201110/06/2013
Dawn NortonDistrict 104/18/201704/18/201710/06/2017
Tom SorrellsDistrict 210/01/200212/20/201110/06/2013
Brian CherryDistrict 303/22/200512/20/201110/06/2013
Heath CarpenterDistrict 406/16/200910/07/201310/06/2017
Jackie DeanDistrict 504/18/201704/18/201710/06/2017
Ann HolmanDistrict 610/06/201510/07/201710/06/2021

Created by Resolution Number 91-301. Terms of three years after initial terms.

Resolution Number 99-7 increased membership to nine. Five to be appointed by City Commission and four to be appointed by County Commission.

Resolution Number 2009-361, dated 9/22/2009, increased membership to eleven, 7 to be appointed by the Dothan City Commission and 4 to be appointed by the Houston County Commission. The terms of the members were also amended to coincide with the terms of the appointing Commissioner and Mayor.