Accounts Payable

Division Overview

The accounts payable division is responsible for processing all invoices and payments for the City of Dothan. Our staff is committed to ensuring accurate and timely payment of all goods and services purchased by the city.

Vendor Requirements

To become a vendor with the City of Dothan, the following steps and documents are required:

  • A completed vendor information form (PDF), including tax identification information (TIN). The name and tax identification number should match the information on your tax return. A new form should be completed when your company has a change of ownership. Bank information should be included if you choose to be paid by direct deposit. This form does not associate your company with bids. (In order to be included for bids, please complete the forms in the section entitled Bidder Requirements .)
  • A compliance form for the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act and documentation that vendor is enrolled in the E-Verify program (PDF).
  • An invoice with your vendor name, address, telephone number, our purchase order number, date, merchandise purchased or services performed, cost per item, and total due. Please mail invoices to us daily. Employees are to obtain a purchase order number before they make a purchase.
  • A statement issued each month listing all invoices for purchases made that month. We need to receive your statement by the fifth of the next month after the month of purchase.
  • Our account should be set up in the name of the City of Dothan and invoices should be mailed to us at:
    • Attention: Accounts Payable
      P.O. Box 2128
      Dothan, AL 36302
  • If your company requires a credit application to be completed by the City of Dothan, fax it to Accounts Payable at (334) 615-4139 or email.

Additional Information for Vendors

  • We are exempt from sales tax by law. Invoices should not include sales tax.
  • Vendors should be able to prove that our employee made the purchase. You need a legible signature. If you cannot read the employee's writing, print their name beside their signature. Obtain their name from their employee identification card.
  • Families of City of Dothan employees cannot become vendors of the City of Dothan.
  • We send information to the business license office on all new vendors so they can determine if your company has a current business license or if one is required.