Come Enjoy Our Pools

Why do YOU swim? For the health benefits to your heart and lungs? For the chance to be with some of your friends at the pool? Because, in your case, running every day hurts? Because you like the feeling of floating and sliding through the water? Or is it something else? If you are looking for a break from the heat of the summer, then a dip in the water is exactly what you need; swimming is a way for you to cool off. It fills a wonderful recreational need for individuals and families, from pool fun to water parks.

Dothan offers a wide variety of aquatics programs that anyone can find an activity that they will enjoy. Come visit one of our city pools, both inside or outdoor, or at Water World Water Park today! While you are there ask about our aquatics programs that we offer.

2023 Public Swim Schedule Dates May 27 - July 30
Swimsuits required; Groups must call ahead; Admission $2 outdoor $3 indoor

Westgate Competition Pool will be closed June 24 and July 8. Wiregrass Park and Walton Park will be Closed July 17. Andrew Belle will be closed July 28.  

Andrew Belle - 334-615-4720; 1270 Lake Street
Pool open Wed - Sun from 12-5
Splashpad open May 1 - September 30 from 9 am - 5 pm

Doug Tew - 334-615-3720; 300 Garland Street
Pool open Wed - Sun from 12-5

Walton Park - 334-615-4710; 122 Walton Park Drive
Pool open Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, & Sun from 12-5

Wiregrass Park - 334-615-4740; 623 Third Avenue
Pool open Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, & Sun from 12-5

Westgate Indoor Competition Pool - 334-615-3763; 501 Recreation Road
Pool open for public swim Tue/Thu from 2-6 & on Saturdays from 12-5.