Special Events

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Apply to be a Special Event VENDOR

On October 17, 2023, the Dothan City Commission approved Ordinance 2023-354 creating a process for Special Events occurring within the city limits of Dothan to be issued a license.

Below are some highlights of the ordinance.

Special Event is defined as "an occasion intended to attract a large number of people and included events that have an admission fee or free admittance to the general public, including but not limited to, festivals, animal shows, contests, races, entertainment shows, art shows, antique shows, craft shows, coin shows, trade shows or other shows of a similar kind or description that occur for a period of ten days or less."

Vendor is defined as any persons desiring to sell or market goods or services for profit or for a nonprofit entity at a permitted event site.

Each event must have an event sponsor. The event sponsor is responsible for completing a Special Event Sponsor application and obtaining a license for the event. They must ensure that the event complies will all municipal requirements as outlined in the ordinance. A special event license is $100.00 per event. The event sponsor must provide a list to the Business License office of all vendors participating in the event.

Each vendor participating in the event must complete a Special Event Vendor application an obtain a vendor permit. Vendors must display their vendor permit at the event. The fee for a vendor permit is $10.00. Vendors may elect to purchase a business license for a full-year. Businesses with a valid City of Dothan business license for the current year will not be required to pay the $10.00 permit fee per event; although they will still need to obtain a vendor permit for events they participate in. Event vendors are required to remit sales tax returns.

The following shall be required to obtain a City of Dothan business license and will not be considered a special event or vendor.

  • Traveling carnivals or enterprises such as carnivals and circuses.
  • Businesses based inside the city limits of Dothan.
  • Businesses that operate within the city limits of Dothan more than once per year to include participation in more than one event per year.
  • Any business required to have a state or federal certification to operate legally, to include any business which requires a food permit from the Department of Public Health.

For more information, contact Business Licensing at 334-615-3166.