Electricity Rates


Applicable to single residences, mobile homes where such are individually metered, and individual family apartments where the cost of service is paid by the occupant or landlord.


Available in any and all areas served by the city-owned electric system.

Character of Service

Single or three-phase service at 120/240 volts 60 hertz.

Monthly Rate - Effective January 2016 Bills

The minimum charge for any part of the monthly bill shall not be less than $12.00.

Customer Charge$12.00
Energy Charge$0.08712 per kilowatt

To this rate shall be added: product of the monthly kilowatts used multiplied by a power cost adjustment

Rate Adjustments & Taxes

The foregoing retail rate, as charged by the city, shall be adjusted automatically and simultaneously with wholesale rate adjustments. Any additional charges levied by the state or federal authorities, such as sales taxes, will be passed on to the consumer in addition to the above rate schedule.

Description of Additional Cost or Credit
100 Watt Light Rental$9.00
250 Watt Light Rental$11.00
400 Watt Light Rental$18.00
Senior Citizen Light Rental Discount-($4.00)
Vapor Light Costs - Pole Rental (monthly)$1.00