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  1. BMX

    Physical Address
    345 BMX Trail
    Dothan, AL 36303

BMX TrackCircle City BMX

Circle City BMX is sanctioned under the USA BMX Bicycle Association and has been located in Dothan since 1984. The track is operated year-round by the nonprofit organization Circle City BMX.

BMX Track

The Dothan track is one of the fastest tracks in Alabama. It is a wide, 1,147 foot long downhill track with a cross-over. All three turns are paved. The track is covered when not in use. So when you come to race you can expect a well-groomed and cared for racing surface, smooth, no rocks, just good Alabama red clay.

Little Boy with BMX Bike

Gate Practice (weather permitting)

Every Tuesday and Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM


New riders trying out for the first time are not charged any riding fees.

Type of FeeAmount
Membership Fee 
First Family Member (annual)
Second Family Member (annual)
Additional Family Member 


Practice Fee$3 per rider (bike and helmet included)
Race Fee$10 per rider on single-point events
$20 per rider on double-point events
$30 per rider on triple-point event

Men’s BMX Race

Safety Gear

Anyone riding the track is required to wear proper safety gear as per sanction regulations which includes:

  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Full face helmets
  • Elbow and shin protectors are required if you plan to ride in riding shorts and short sleeves

Additional Information

For more information please visit the Circle City BMX website or call Travis Roettgen (334) 714-0212. For the latest updates, please visit the Circle City BMX facebook page.