Dothan 101: A Neighborhood Academy

Dothan 101 is a nine-week course, starting on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, designed to enhance citizen awareness and understanding of the Dothan City Government’s role in the community. Through hands-on experience with City services ranging from water treatment facilities to law enforcement training, participants in this adult education program are given an inside look at the City of Dothan and its employees. This program is held on Tuesday evenings and is free to participants.

Register for Dothan 101

Citizens interested in participating in the program may submit an application at any time. Please view the Dothan 101 Application (PDF).

There are four ways to submit your completed application:

  1. E-mail our staff
  2. Fax to (334) 615-3129.
  3. Deliver to the Administration Office-Room 201 in the Dothan Civic Center, located at 126 North Saint Andrews Street.
  4. Mail to City of Dothan Administration, Attn: Vincent P. Vincent, P.O. Box 2128, Dothan, AL 36302.

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