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iRecycle Registration Form

  2. The iRECYCLE program offers three sizes of containers for use in the collection of residential curbside recyclables. The 18 gallon bin is the size of a small laundry basket and is used primarily for inside household use. It may also be placed curbside on collection day. The 65 gallon cart is for those residents that prefer a medium sized container. The 95 gallon cart is similar in size to the green City issued garbage cart. Both the 65 and 95 gallon containers have handles and wheels to assist in moving the container. They are also typically stored outside of the residence or inside a garage.
  3. To register for the iRECYCLE program and to note the size of container desired, please complete and submit this form to sign-up online. Delivery of one blue bin and one cart per household is free upon request.
  4. Additional 18 gallon bins may be obtained for a $10 use fee paid to Dothan Utilities; however, only one blue 65 or 95 gallon cart will be issued per household.
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  7. **Alternate means to register for the iRECYCLE program are by phone at (334) 615-3820 or by mail to City of Dothan, Environmental Services Division, P. O. Box 2128, Dothan, AL 36302. Please provide the same information that is requested online.
  8. ***Residents that are currently enrolled in the iRECYCLE program may also use this form to request an upgrade to a 65 or 95 gallon cart. Each request will be checked against the existing data base and distributed once verification of previous enrollment has been made. It is not necessary to return the 18 gallon blue bin currently being used.
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