Current Bids or Request for Proposals

Visit the ProcureWare website to view current bids and request for proposals.

Bidder Requirements

To become a bidder with the City of Dothan, the following steps are required:

  • The City of Dothan has implemented an online bid registration and notification system. You will now download/print bid documents and submit questions related to the bids at the new website. If interested in bidding, you are responsible for printing the bid and mailing or hand-delivering the sealed bid to the City of Dothan Purchasing Division. Register at the ProcureWare website. The name and tax identification number should match the information on your tax return. Update your company information, when your company has a change of ownership. Be sure to complete the commodity code or categories, which will associate your company with products for bid invitations.
  • To ensure that you receive future email messages from our procurement system, please whitelist procureware.com. All messages come from the ProcureWare email, donotreply@procureware.com.
  • Note: Registration for inclusion in formal bids with Purchasing does not register your company in the Accounts Payable Vendor files to be paid. Additional forms will be required by Accounts Payable prior to purchase order requests and invoice payments. See Vendor Requirements on the Accounts Payable page.

City Purchasing Division

The purchasing agent is responsible for ensuring that all purchasing done by the City of Dothan is done in compliance with applicable state laws, city ordinances, and policies. Activities include:

  • Reviews, approves, and processes all purchase requisitions
  • Reviews, approves, and processes all requisitions for bids
  • Conducts formal bid openings, tabulates results, and processes bids for review and approval by the user department
  • Performs required system maintenance on the city's purchasing/inventory system, including system files, vendor files, bid status and results files, commodity code files, month-end, and year-end closeouts and system