Neighborhood Traffic Calming

About Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is the use of physical measures or installation of signage to reduce vehicle speeds, increase street safety, and improve the quality of life. View City Ordinance 07-48.

Petitioning for Traffic Calming

Citizens can submit a traffic calming request by completing the Traffic Calming Request Form or by calling (334) 615-4474. If your street is not on the list of ineligible streets provided below, the City will conduct an engineering study to measure daily vehicle speeds. 

The following requirements must be met before a traffic calming petition will be provided to the person initiating the request:

  • Daily vehicle volume at least 200, but no higher than 2,000.
  • The 85% speed (the speed at which 85% of vehicles travel at or below) over 10 miles per hour above the existing posted speed limit.
  • The person requesting the petition must own or rent property adjacent to the studied street.
  • The speed limit on the requested street is posted no higher than 30 miles per hour.

The following list of streets being considered as commercial, industrial, collector, and/or arterial in nature will not be considered for traffic calming:

Adams Street

Green Valley Road

Redmond Road

Airport Drive

Grey Hodges Road

Rollins Avenue

Alice Street

Haisten Drive

Rowland Road

Appletree Street

Hedstrom Drive

Royal Parkway

Baggett Road

Hicks Road

Sanitary Dairy Road

Barrington Road

Horace Shepard Road

Second Avenue

Bic Road

Hostdale Drive

Selma Street (East & West)

Blackman Road

Huskey Road

Shady Lane (North & South)

Bob Hall Road

Industrial Road

Simms Road

Briarcliff Road

Inez Road

Smith Road

Bruner Road

J. Steele Road

Southgate Road

Burdeshaw Street (East & West)

Jeffcoat Industrial Drive

Speigner Street

Burkett Road

Kelley Drive

Stadium Street

Carroll Street

Kelly Springs Road

Starling Road

Catalpa Avenue

Kraft Road

Stephanie Lane

Cherokee Avenue (North & South)

Lena Street

Technology Drive

Cherry Street

Lingo Road

Timbers Drive

Chickasaw Street 

Loftin Road

Troy Street

Coe Dairy Road

Lonsdale Drive

Twitchell Road

Crawford Street

Loraine Road

Vulcan Way

Drew Road

Lucy Grade Road

Wallace Drive

Dunn Road

McCallister Road

Washington Street

Dusy Street

Mimosa Drive

Wayne Road

Earline Road

Miskell Drive

Wedgewood Drive

Edgewood Drive

Moffet Road

W.G. Bond Road

Ennis Road

Moore Road

Whitaker Road

Fairview Avenue

Museum Avenue

Wiggins Road

Faulkner Road

National Road

Wilson Street (East & West)

Festival Drive

Newton Street

Wiregrass Drive

First Avenue

Oppert Road

Wise Drive

Foster Street

Parramore Road

Woodburn Drive

Franklin Street

Plum Road

Woodham Road

Fuller Road

Powell Street

Zenith Road

Geiger Road

Race Track Road



Neighborhood Approval

Once a citizen receives their petition, they must circulate it within the petition area getting 66% (when traffic calming requirements are met) and 75% (requires City Commission approval when traffic calming requirements are not met) of the other residents to agree traffic calming is supported by the neighborhood (including corner lots). The citizen must obtain signatures from all properties in the petition area, either to “agree” or “disagree”. Only one adult signature per property and all signatures are final. Ninety days is provided for this step to be completed.

Once completed, please make a copy before you send it to the address on the petition form. Staff will then review and verify the petition. If approved, the city will conduct an engineering analysis to decide the most effective locations for the speed humps.