Public Works

Our Mission

Our department is charged with providing professional and technical expertise to the policy-making bodies of the city to help ensure orderly, adequate, and affordable services and infrastructure expansion to accommodate growth in the community.


There are four divisions within the department that are charged with public responsibilities:

  1. The Engineering Services Division assists developers with stormwater management, subdivision construction review, and manages the public cemeteries in the city.
  2. The Environmental Services Division operates the city’s landfill. Additionally, the Environmental Services Division provides mosquito spraying services within the city limits of Dothan. Garbage, trash, and recycling is also a part of this division and provides once-a-week garbage collection and trash collection for all City of Dothan residents
  3. The Street Division performs maintenance of city streets, rights of way, and the stormwater drainage system.
  4. The Traffic Engineering Services Division manages the local transportation infrastructure including signals, signs, and pavement markings, and is responsible for development review of all transportation-related infrastructure.


Each of these divisions is charged with various special projects from time to time, such as design and construction inspection of capital improvement programs (e.g., street paving, installation of water and sewer lines, etc.), the Honeysuckle Road Corridor Study & Concept Plans, and others.

Honeysuckle Road Corridor Study & Concept Plans

Rebuild Alabama Transportation Plan

Environmental Services UPDATE:
• Please be aware that there are ordinances concerning the size of your yard trash piles. They must stay within the confines of these ordinances for Environmental Services to be able to collect them. You can find a copy of the City Ordinances at our website or give us a call at our office and we will be happy to send you a copy.
• We are still working under a “no touch” policy. This means that all garbage and recycle needs to be in your green or blue cart respectively to be picked up. Until further notice we will not pick up boxes from the side of the street.
• We are phasing out the small bins for recycle pickup. Due to our “no touch” policy we will not pick these small bins up. If you would like a recycle roll cart, please call our office at 334-615-3820.
• As always please give us a call at 334-615-3820 if you have any questions or concerns about your garbage, recycle or trash pickup.